Step 1: Hello, and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting the tutor’s page of the Homework Help program at the Child and Family Institute at St. Luke’s Hospital. Here, you are not merely helping helping a child with homework, you are helping pivot her or his intellectual instincts toward the right direction.

Every child deserves a chance at success, and no exception can be made for those with mental disorders. Research shows that students with learning disabilities CAN learn; you need merely be equipped with the right framework of mind to teach them.

Homework Help is a program offered through The Child and Family Institute at St. Luke’s Hospital and it is the branch of the hospital specializing in child and adolescent mental healthcare. Professionals here believe that helping children with mental disabilities while they are young will translate into healthier, happier, and far more successful life trajectories, and they want you on the team.

The video below is a great introduction to the community in which you will be tutoring.


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