How to craft your lesson II

  • Display classroom rules. Classroom rules must be very clear and concise.
  • Provide clear and concise instructions for academic assignments.
  • Break complex instructions into small parts.
  • Show students how to use an assignment book to keep track of their homework and daily assignments.
  • Post a daily schedule and homework assignments in the same place each day. Tape a copy on the child’s desk.
  • Plan academic subjects for the morning hours.
  • Provide regular and frequent breaks.
  • Seat the child away from distractions and next to students who will be positive role models.
  • Form small group settings when possible. Children with ADHD can become easily distracted in large groups.
  • Find a quiet spot in the classroom (such as a place in the back of the room) where students can go to do their work away from distractions.
  • Train the student with ADHD to recognize “begin work” cues.
  • Establish a secret signal with the child to use as a reminder when he or she is off task.
  • Help the child with transitions between other classes and activities by providing clear directions and cues, such as a five-minute warning before the transition.
  • Assign tutors to help children with ADHD stay on task. Tutors can help them get more work done in less time and provide constant reinforcement.
  • Focus on a specific behavior you wish to improve and reinforce it. Teachers can reinforce target behaviors by paying attention to the behavior, praising the child, and awarding jobs and extra free time.
  • Offer more positive reinforcements than negative consequences.
  • Explain to the student what to do to avoid negative consequences.
  • Reward target behaviors immediately and continuously.
  • Use negative consequences only after a positive reinforcement program has enough time to become effective.
  • Deliver negative consequences in a firm, business-like way without emotion, lectures, or long-winded explanations.


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