Reading II: Recognizing Reading Anxiety

How to Recognize Reading Anxiety:

Students may say, “I can’t do this” Or “I don’t get it.”

These statements relieve the responsibility of having to try.
Such  students may be too overcome with anxiety to even use skills they DO possess.

Students may say (or have a general attitude), “I know how to read, but you can’t make me do it.” Or “I can’t read by myself.  You have to help me.”

This happens when someone has removed all accountability by doing everything for the student, or by doing nothing at all for them.  *Such students need a lot of reinforcement and guidance –
sincere positive feedback and praise.

Questions Tutors can ask to understand how a child feels about reading:

Do they like to read at home or alone in their room?

Do they like to read? If not, why not?

Do family members or friends like to read?

What do they do when stuck on a word? Do they use a dictionary or ask someone else?

How do friends feel about reading?


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